I am always reading about ways to improve, which is what this blog is really all about, right?  But I realized that I’m just reading about them.  Reading.  How passive!  What can I hope to change by just reading?  Diddly squat, that’s what.  And that’s not good enough for me.  I want results, dammit!!

So, I thought that I’d actually TRY some of the improvements that I read about.  And, I figure that if I’m going to conduct some longer-term experiments with some of the suggestions I read and write about, I should share my plans and the results with you, too.  The experiments will be structured, and I’ll post all about them here – for accountability, and as another way of sharing my experiences with you.

An experiment could be anything, so long as it relates to one of the ways that I’m looking to better myself.

I think my first experiment will be to practice savoring on a daily basis.  I’d love to savor a square of dark chocolate every day, but my supply is limited, and I can’t afford to buy a load of savor-worthy dark chocolate right now.  I also don’t always have room in my “calorie budget”, so I will simply make it a point to ensure that I stop for 3 minutes a day, and savor something.  Come back later today for the official kick-off of the Finding Zen Experiment: Savoring!

I’ll even take on experiments that you suggest, so, c’mon!  Throw some ideas out there!  I kind of feel like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.  They always closed each episode with a plea for more dirty job ideas.  I’m doing the same here!  What do you want me to test for you?  I’m your personal guinea pig, so have at me!


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