Finding Zen Experiment: Savoring


Learn how to savor by practicing the art.


I read a series of blog posts by Leo Babauta on the benefits he’s received from practicing the art of savoring, and tried it myself with a square of high quality dark chocolate, as was his suggestion.  I thoroughly enjoyed the precious few seconds I took to savor that chocolate, and tried it again the very next day.  I enjoyed it that day, too.  Maybe more than the first day, even.  I’ve been wanting to incorporate meditation into my daily routine, and I think that learning how to savor will be a great stepping stone to meditating.


Choose a few things I’d like to practice savoring, and spend three minutes a day savoring one of them.


  1. Determine what things I want to savor.
  2. Schedule three minutes daily to savor.
  3. Savor whatever I choose to savor that day.
  4. Be aware of how I feel during the three minutes, as well as afterwards.
  5. Evaluate whether the addition of the three minutes of savoring is having a larger positive effect on me.


This experiment will last four weeks.  I’ll check in on a weekly basis, and will post a summary of my findings at the conclusion of the fourth week.

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