Just get moving

The hardest part of an exercise program, for me, is simply getting started with it. If I can only get moving, I find it much easier to keep up with the routine of working out. Somehow, I forget how good it feels to move my body with purpose, if I let too much time elapse between workouts.

When it was warm out, I ran three times a week, and after my busy season at work was over, I added weightlifting twice a week, too. I was moving my body at least five days a week, and sometimes six times a week, and it felt wonderful.

And, then the weather turned colder, and I lost my gym card. And, I have used both as excuses not to work out. When I happened to be in Orlando for work a few weeks ago, I took advantage of the warm weather and went on a 3 mile run. When the weather warmed up here, I went on a nearly 4 mile run. I am in San Diego this week for work, and I’ve made it a point to run while here, too. So I know that I’m still capable of enjoying running, and that I haven’t lost my passion for it, but I am not scheduling workouts like I had been, and I need to get back to that.

This post is a reminder to me as much as anything, to just get moving. Hey Krys: go replace that gym membership card, go run on the track at the gym, go lift weights, practice yoga at home, find a body weight resistance workout on YouTube, or go run (once the streets are safe again)… Just get moving!

How do you keep yourself on track with workouts? When circumstances change, and you can’t use sheer momentum?


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