Why is doing the dishes so hard?

Doing the dishes. Simple, right? No big deal, you say? Wrong. Doing the dishes is a major stumbling block for me.

I honestly have no idea why it’s so hard. I am a responsible adult. Seems like doing the dishes should be something that comes naturally. But it doesn’t. I’m not in the habit of washing dishes after meals. Also contributing to the dilemma is that my husband isn’t either, and he works from home, so I could leave the kitchen all tidy in the morning, only to come home to a pile of dirty dishes after work on a daily basis. In fact, many days, that’s precisely what happens.

So, I get grumpy and leave the dirty dishes. For days. And then I get grumpier, because they’re still there. Sounds juvenile, right? So much for being a responsible adult.

It occurs to me that I need to adjust my perspective. My husband works from home, while simultaneously watching our daughter. That’s two full time jobs right there. He’s probably feeling just as overwhelmed as I do.

Maybe if I look at doing the dishes as a gift to him (because, who doesn’t love a clean kitchen?), I will be less grumpy about doing them. I don’t expect a miraculous new habit to form overnight, but if I can just change how I look at the chore, maybe it will seem less like a burden, and more like an opportunity to do something kind for someone I love and respect.

Are you good about keeping the dishes perpetually clean? Have you always been?


3 thoughts on “Why is doing the dishes so hard?

  1. Lord, no. My goal is to have a clean, shiny sink at the end the day. This actually happens about once a week – if I’m lucky! I totally agree with you that perspective is everything. When I’m cranky and woe-is-me-am-I-the-only-one-who-knows-how-to-clean-up-after-myself, my kitchen definitely takes a hit. When I’m feeling thankful and upbeat, it goes much better. Funny how we set the tone for the home lol! Great post.

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