Finding Zen Experiment: Savoring

Update: Week 2

I found it easier to savor moments this week than I did last week, and was able to block out the outside world much more readily than before.

Saturday, February 9

I can’t remember the last time I had Skittles. But, we had them in the house left over from Halloween, and I have been ignoring them ever since. That is, I ignored them until Saturday, when I tore open a fun-size package of the little devils, and nearly inhaled them. I was already four Skittles in before I realized what I was doing, and made myself slow down and savor them. The crunchy candy coating, the firm but chewy inside, the sugary sweet-yet-tart flavors… They brought me back to my childhood, and put me in such a happy mood that it became impossible to deny that savoring is a worthwhile practice.

Sunday, February 10

I savored everything about Sunday morning, knowing that I would be flying out that afternoon and wouldn’t see my daughter and husband for four days. I snuggled with my little girl for a good long while in bed, before heading downstairs for a hearty breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and cheesy hash browns, with orange juice and coffee. We enjoyed an early afternoon movie together as a family, before sending Emma upstairs for a nap. She was surprisingly willing to sleep, and I could not have been more grateful. Leaving on a sour note would have been heartbreaking. When it was time to take me to the airport, we were all feeling glad to have had such a nice day together.

Monday, February 11

It is rare for me to just walk anymore. If I have extra time on my hands and it’s nice enough to be outside, I always seem to run these days. However, since I’d already had a run on Monday morning, I decided that a leisurely stroll would be great. I was not disappointed. I walked along the Embarcadero, pausing at a picnic table to sit and enjoy a 10 minute guided meditation (using an app on my phone) before continuing on back to the hotel. The walk and meditation left me feeling revitalized, yet more relaxed than when I began.

Tuesday, February 12

It was a lovely morning in San Diego – sunny and cool. I took advantage of the brisk weather to savor a 5k run along the waterfront. What fun, running past incredible private yachts, a retired aircraft carrier (the Midway), through the Embarcadero, and along Seaport Village. I listened to myself breathing, felt my heart beating, and paid attention to the rhythm of my footsteps, while taking in the sights (and smells) of the seaside. I was surprised to find that I maintained a steady pace throughout the run, simply by losing myself in the run. Usually, I am trying to distract myself, and my pace is generally all over the place. This time, I took the opposite tack, and was rewarded with a very steady run. I’m looking forward to trying this again in the near future.

2013-02-13 12.32.31Wednesday, February 13

I savored an extended period of time on Wednesday – a private, behind the scenes tour of several exhibits at the San Diego Zoo. I am an avid animal-lover, and seeing a lion this close (about 7 feet away) was simply amazing. Our host was delightful, sharing insights about the animals, exhibits, plants, and zookeepers. It was an unique experience, and I made sure to keep myself firmly in the moment throughout our exciting visit.

Thursday, February 14

For Valentine’s Day, I received a half dozen cupcakes from Sweety Pies, a local bakery. I ate one for breakfast, and should have taken a photo of it before I dove in, because it was beautiful. The frosting was extra-thick and rich; a vanilla-y cream masterpiece that seemed to go on and on. The cupcake itself was a marble, chocolate chip numminess that was bursting with flavor. Truly, the breakfast of champions! It was easy to lose myself in that cupcake – time seemed to stop every time I took a bite. I enjoyed that single cupcake so thoroughly, it was really easy to share the rest of them with my coworkers, and not feel the need to keep them all for myself.

Friday, February 15

My daughter wanted to ride her little bicycle around the block, and I wanted to spend time with her. So! I dressed in my warm-weather running gear, and jogged beside her as she pedaled her little heart out. Super fun, and we both appreciated the one-on-one time together. When we made it back home, she didn’t want to go inside – she wanted me to push her in her old stroller! How could I say no? So we went around once more, chatting about the birds, melting ice, snow, and a few dogs we saw along the way. A great way to end the week!

What did you savor this week?


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