My revised laundry plan

Source: moderncountry.blogspot.comI have already established that I will not be winning any awards for having the tidiest house, despite having the most incredibly detailed weekly cleaning schedule on the planet. I also mentioned that I am trying to reframe my view on doing the dishes, so that I’m more apt to actually do them.

I made some good progress this past week on keeping up with the dishes. I wasn’t perfect about it, but I did get the dishes cleaned up more often than I didn’t, so I’m doing better than I had been. The past two days, I’ve even emptied the clean dishes from the dishwasher before leaving for work, so that my sweet husband can load the dishwasher throughout the day. And, if he doesn’t get around to doing that, I can load the dishwasher with their dirty dishes when I get home tonight.

So, now that I’ve made my peace with dishes and feeling good about that, I want to try to use that momentum to try to get back on track with laundry. For the past few months, my husband has been doing most of the laundry. However, his version of laundry and my version of laundry (when I bother to do it), are different. I like to take things out of the dryer immediately, and hang or fold them, so that I don’t have to iron anything. He doesn’t mind ironing, so he tends to leave laundry in the dryer for a couple days, and pulls that stuff out when it’s time to do the next load.

I can hardly complain since he’s doing my laundry for me, but I still get frustrated at having wrinkly, clean clothes. But, hey – rather than be grumpy about having to iron, I could take 10 minutes out of every couple days to do a load of laundry, right?

Let me explain how I get off track with laundry in the first place.

I have been working from a schedule where I do a load of laundry every day. Whites on Monday, lights on Tuesday, darks Wednesday, kid clothes Thursday, bath towels Friday, a rotating batch on Saturday (kitchen towels, dog mats, or bath mats), and bed linens on Sunday. The problem with this schedule is that once I do one week’s worth, the following week, I don’t have enough for a full load for the first four days, and then I’m immediately thrown off my routine.

I know I should simply be grateful that I don’t have to do a load of laundry every day for eternity, but if I don’t do the exact same thing when I get home every day, then I start getting into a different routine (sit on couch, play with kid, make dinner, go to bed).

So, I started to think – what if doing the laundry didn’t mean doing a load every single day, and I still followed my basic routine, but I did a load every other day, and the routine just took a bit longer to work through? I could still have a laundry chore every day – on day one I run the wash and dry cycles, and fold and hang the clothes, and on day two, I put the clothes away. Then I start the following day with the next load, and two days later with the next load… I’m still making my way into the laundry room every single day, which is the habit that I need to develop, but I’m not running out of clothes to wash, because my routine takes two weeks instead of one week.

Here’s my new two-week-long routine:

  • Monday/Tuesday – Whites
  • Wednesday/Thursday – Lights
  • Friday/Saturday – Darks
  • Sunday/Monday – Kid Clothes
  • Tuesday/Wednesday – Bath Towels
  • Thursday/Friday – Bed Linens
  • Saturday/Sunday – One of the following: Kitchen Towels, Dog Mats, or Bath Mats*

*I thought about doing two loads of my rotating batch items each cycle, but the reality is that for the past few months, I haven’t been washing these items at all, so washing one of them every 2 weeks seems like a huge improvement.

I’ve created a little printout of this routine and will post it above the washer/dryer, so that my husband and I both know what day is what, in case he has time on his hands and wants to help out with the laundry now and then.

Laundry routine

There are a bunch of clean clothes in the laundry room that need to be put away (thank you for doing laundry, my love!!!), so I’ll work on doing that tonight, before starting my routine mid-cycle with Darks tomorrow.

How do you keep up with laundry? Do you have a routine that you stick to? Or do you do laundry once a week only?


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