Meet Krys

Improving KrysHi, I’m Krys.

I’m a wife, a mom, and I have a full-time, outside-the-house job. I am always – always – looking for ways to improve. Myself, my home, how I work, how I live. I research improvements all. the. time. I figure, with all the research and field work I’m doing, I might as well document the process!

I’m a bit of an over-sharer. I don’t have a real good filter. So, I’m just going to switch it off here. I mean, it’s just us, right?

I tend to swear. A lot. I’d tell you that I’m trying to cut back, but I’d be lying. And, I don’t like lying. So, there will be swearing. Possibly a lot of swearing.

I love food. Nay… LURVE  I lurve food. If I wasn’t already married, I’d be a food polygamist. I’d marry bacon. And pizza. And steak. And potatoes. All the potatoes. And cheese. OH the cheeses I’d marry! I enjoy the hell out of food. And, I’m learning to enjoy cooking more by finding easier and faster recipes. I track my calories because I’m trying to lose weight, so whenever I share a recipe, I’ll always have nutrition info to share along with it.

I do NOT love exercise. I don’t love to run. I don’t love to lift weights. I don’t enjoy anything resembling physical exertion. However, I DO love what exercise does to my body. The way it sculpts me and molds me into something new and beautiful every time I put forth real effort. I love THAT. I want to learn all I can about how to run better and faster and farther. I frequently research weightlifting routines. I can’t afford a personal trainer, so I’m trying to learn enough about it so that I don’t have to feel like I’m missing out by not having one.

I love organizing. It’s a hobby of mine. For a long time, I considered a career as a professional organizer. Then I came to my senses and realized what a fucking hypocrite I’d be if I did that. I couldn’t share personal success stories with my clients, because they’d want to come over, and then I’d have to show them that none of my organizing solutions stuck. Not one of them. Well, no. That’s not quite true. Some of them have stuck. So, I could at least write a blog about organizing. Haha.

I hate to clean. Passionately. I avoid cleaning the way some people avoid stepping in dog poop on the sidewalk. I even make that face that people make when they see dog shit on the sidewalk. Or when they smell someone else’s fart. That face. I’m always researching ways to clean faster, with less effort, less products, less frequently… just… less. I want to clean less.

I love what I do for a living. I plan a big convention that is attended by more than 15,000 people annually. It is exhilarating work, but it is highly stressful. The convention I plan is for medical professionals, and has a lot of moving parts. My job is to make sure that the whole thing goes off without a hitch. I’m not sure you know this, but medical professionals are perfectionists. When they make a mistake, it can literally mean someone’s life is on the line. They don’t tolerate mistakes. So, there is a lot of pressure on me to do my job flawlessly. Not imagined pressure. Real pressure from real people.

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I believe I’ve said “I” a record number of times here. Therefore it’s time to stop writing about me, and time to start writing about what I learn.

Hey!  Introduce yourself, why don’t you?